Challenges are Presented

What challenges are presented by the continuing population growth in Harris County and how would you address them?

Glorice McPherson:  Some challenges that are presented with continued population growth is education, particularly in our underserved areas of the community,  healthcare, adequate means of public transportation and community resources to name a few.  These challenges must be addressed quickly and successfully to make sure that all residents receive the help that is needed in their particular areas.

Given the changes in county funding resources, please describe areas where you believe county services could be coordinated or combined with other government or non-government entities in order to achieve efficiencies and cost savings while still maintaining quality in service levels.

Glorice McPherson: Every effort must be made to keep the public and private entities that are already in place working effectively in their perspective areas.  Service and support to these areas must be maintained in order for them to continue to be successful, and changes made where it is seen that improvements are needed.

As Commissioner, what will you do to ensure that Harris County is providing appropriate levels of funding to monitor and enforce air quality standards?

Glorice McPherson:  If we empower our community and educate the masses on the importance of the preservation of our natural resources and adequate air quality, then we will see a change.  Funding must be available to perform those tasks with careful consideration of other priorities in the community.  There must be an equal distribution of funds in order to meet the needs of the community at large.

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