Looking for a Citizen-Driven Government?

I’m honored to be running for Commissioner of Harris County Precinct 2. I am a dynamic business woman who has demonstrated excellence, passion, determination and ethics in my work.

When I am elected to represent you, I will bring my expertise and experience in business, communications and community advancement to Harris County Precinct 2 for the benefit of all my constituents . Over 30 years in business ownership has prepared me for the office of County Commissioner. I have had experience in complex budget creation and implementation, employee relations, inventory management, public relations, and television and cable programming and production. These experiences will aid me not only in performing my duties as County Commissioner of Harris County Precinct 2, but also in developing effective two-way communications with the constituents in my precinct.

For over 30 years, I have had the opportunity of working in public service.  At the age of thirteen years old, I started in public service working with the elders in my grandfather’s church to develop the youth department. I have had the opportunity to be a small business owner, being directly involved in developing innovative community programs which have allowed me to capitalize on my management skills for the benefit of others.

I am enjoyed  the public service work I’ve done, and  I am proud of the positive impact I’ve been able to make on the lives of others.

Spreading news about my campaign has been easy, because people are so hungry for a breakthrough and a change.

Prepare yourself for a real grassroots administration that delivers an ever-increasing number of services in smarter, more cost-effective ways. My administration will strive to meet the needs of our diverse precinct.


Government of the People and by the People, should be FOR the People. Our leaders should provide the kind of government which helps people to help themselves. That doesn’t always mean that government should get out of the way. Sometimes it means lending a hand, whether it be in education, infrastructure development and maintenance, or community outreach. I want the Harris County Commission in Precinct 2 to nurture rather than obstruct; to create an environment of enthusiasm rather than discouragement, and to serve those who need it more than those who really don’t.  I believe that will allow people to produce unprecedented results, particularly for our young people.  Our children are our future…let’s empower our youth to reach through gravity for the impossible

Precinct 2 covers a very large area.  It’s citizens  are live in areas ranging from the urban to the rural; in both very densely populated areas as well as areas with low population density. All of those  citizens of Harris County, with their diverse needs, deserve to be served to the best of our government’s abilities.

Precinct 2 is comprised of very diverse mix of businesses, as well as very modern and professional medical complexes.

As a County Commissioner, I feel that is extremely important to get to know not just the people in this precinct, but also the businesses which keep our communities vibrant.  It would be impossible to present any type of workable campaign plan without knowing our people and individuals.  We must know what you see as concerns, joys, and even new ideas to enhance or expand our community.

We feel that our Community Focus Meetings will offer our citizens the opportunity to voice such ideas.  The more our citizens inform us, the better we can serve them.