How To Get Involved

Your Contributions:
Name _____________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________

Phone 1_________________________ Phone 2______________________


___$500   ___$250   ___$100   ___$50   ___$25   ___Other$

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 Please support our campaign. Click this link to go to the secure PayPal payment facility.


I’d like to help in other ways by:

                ___Volunteering at the campaign headquarters

                ___Hosting a small gathering in my home

                ___Assisting Town Hall Meetings

                ___Assisting in planned fundraising events

                ___ Developing lectures to our school youth

                ___ Developing and presenting enhancement programs to executive boards

                ___Putting up a yard sign

                ___Distribute literature door to door

                ___Work the polls on Election Day

                ___Put a bumper sticker on my car

2 thoughts on “How To Get Involved

  1. We wish to assure Glorice McPherson has received an invitation to our event: 2012 Candidate Cafe Dialogue on September 11, 2012 6 – 8 pm at United Way, 50 Waugh Drive, in Houston, Texas.

    This is a multipartisan inclusive event hosted by Association Conflict Resolution-Houston Chapter, Institute for Sustainable Peace and American Leadership forum to foster civil discourse between candidates and community leaders from a diverse group of local organizations about relevant issues.

    Please email Tracy Leissner at or call 713 641 9222 for an more information and let us know of Gene Wu’s interest and availability. Thanks so much – Tracy

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